Tilt-Shift for a TOY-LAND

Interested in making the world into a small, miniature model? Or making it into a toy-land?

Imagine the scene that you see in real life can look so miniature and fake that it fancinates me so much!

I like miniature models! I love TOY-Land!

And I just found out the magic wand to turn a real place to a toy-land is known as Tilt-Shift lens, a professional lens for professional cameras.

Wikipedia Tilt-Shift photography

So these are some examples that have turned into a miniature set in a click*

A beach resort
(pic from: http://www.mrjarvis.com/2008/07/tilt-shift-photography/)

Under construction
(pic from: http://www.bittergirls.jp/en/)

These two pictures were actually taken from the real world!
I was so fascinated on this effect that I really had a good time seeing these toy-ish pictures on the net!

Toy-Town pics

However, TILT-SHIFT lens is way too expensive for me to own one!!!

Therefore, we are really have to say bravo to ADOBE PHOTOSHOP created for the new generation, US! (^0^)

YES! Photoshop has the exactly same magic power!

LOOK at all my pictures turn into TOY-LAND!!!
Mouse over to see the effect!
Click to enlarge!

snow town with tilt shift lens

Picture taken when I was in the train heading North in Japan.

snow park with tilt shift lens

Picture taken also in the train heading North in Japan.

boat with tilt shift lens

Picture taken at a Fisherman Village in Maldives.

forest with tilt shift lens

Picture taken from Swiss Garden Hotel in Kuantan, Malaysia.

Times Square with tilt shift lens

Picture taken from the 42nd Floor Times Square in KL, Malaysia.

Theme Park with tilt shift lens

Pictures taken from 1st World Hotel in Genting Highland, Malaysia. Love this the most!

Nice? (^-^)

I like it!

And I LOVE Photoshop!



More beautiful pictures on Tilt-Shift photography

Look at my calendar on the right! I've got my blog a Calendar with pictures of Tilt-Shift!

Think it is kinda cute. (^^)

Click to get it! from Uniqlo

It shows also the weather of any country you've selected. Cute Cute*

Available for screen saver too!

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