I'm a Barbie girl

I played Barbie when I was small but I was never a fan of Barbie.

But what makes me feel interested in Barbie was that I got to dress Barbie up with hundreds of awesome, glamorous dresses!

I love Barbie when she is Fashionable & Glam! Pink & Cute!

Time flies...

Barbie is 50 years old now!

Being a celebrity, Barbie received lots of fabulous gifts as expected!
But one that really attracted me was a present that almost all girls would favor!

Guess what?

not just a car!!

It was a

Sparkling Gorgeous Candy Gloss Bejeweled Materialistic CAR

A gift from FIAT, who customized Fiat 500 into pink, glossy pink just for Barbie!

Lucky me, this gorgeous gift happened to being displayed in Tokyo after London.

Who would missed it to have a glance on this babe!

Here she is~

Present to you The BARBIE CAR from FIAT 500.


For me, this Barbie Car is really charming!

I simply love it because:
1. She is in marvellous PINK!
2. She has CYRSTALS decorated everywhere!
3. Her cool-RETRO style!
4. She has a BABY-ROUND body!
5. She has a CUTE gear knob!


More pictures~!

Check out the Barbie mark at the door! Cute.

Check out the floor mat! Cute.

Check out the handle! Cute.

The interior! Cute cute.

The Barbie car~! Cute, cute , cute.

It suits me! *smile*



it makes me feel


Happy 50th Birthday!

For fun
Barbies history from 1959~2009!

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