Rainbow dinner

I normally cook.

I love to cook especially when there's someone there to eat your food!
You'd do your best to achieve the best taste compare to when you cook only for yourselves.
All also because I love compliments and compliments are the greatest magic to help one to succceed. haha

So, here comes my home-made dinner (yesterday). (^0^)

2 Dish 1 Soup

Miso Nikujaga (Miso with pork, potato, and carrots)

Simple Salad (Cabbage, cheery tomato, onion)

Miso Soup (Miso, wakame, komachifu, dashi)

Miso - Japanese seasoning produced by fermenting soybeans
Wakame - Seaweed
Komachifu - Wheat gluten...(not so sure what is it called in English. Wiki told me it is wheat gluten.)

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Nice with Miso Soup!

Dashi - Stock

Then, a few hours after dinner, a beautiful rainbow stroke through Tokyo and NO! there are two rainbows!!!

One of them was damn clear and the other one was slight faded.

View from my window

Love this window coz the window is big, unblocked, and very very windy!! (^0^)

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