New generation on Blog

Years back from now, blog was a tool for me to blab out my thoughts, my anger, my sweet moments, and most of all, to record down all my experiences in life so that I can read and recall back my memories when I'm old. Yeah, blog was just known to me as a net diary or a net journal back then. (used to own a blog in a different name)

Now that I am more a grown up with more knowledge on the net, I can see blogs have various of purpose to different level of people. Think everyone does too.

Blogging became so popular nowadays that everyone is trying to make a life out of it!

Blog brings you money.

In fact, even greater than adverts on TV, because the new generation people tempt to roaming on the internet all day long instead of TVs.

Why? You know why!

Let's see what's on TV.
1. News
2. Sports
3. Dramas (and it has to be an outdated dramas if from other countries)
4. Movies (also, most of the time the same movie just keep repeating)
5. TV comedies
6. So on...

So, is there anything from the TV that you can't see on the internet?

The answer is Nothing.

You have Info through websites,you have News, you have entertainments, you can Shop, you have YouTube, you have Wikepedia, you have answers to all your questions, you can even see porns over the internet! And it is GLOBAL.

You can search for any entertainment that you want to watch on the internet where as you can't choose your programme through TV.

What else but also blogs.

You see people thoughts, personality, jokes, lifes and their weirdest experiences.

Loads of tutorials of anything that you want to know from all over the world too.

What else? hmm..

Yeah, people share their secrets on blog as well.

Some secrets that only you yourself may know...


the toilet stories?

Have you ever wonder how do people do their stuffs in the toilet?
Like... how do people sit when they wanna poopoo* in a public toilet?
People may stand on top of the toilet bowl which is rather dangerous for it will break down and cut your genital into two...(- -;
Some may cover it with loads of toilet papers on top...
And some sit in the air without touching the toilet bowl...(like half-squating)...
All of us know all these methods, but have you seen how they will look in those positions?...*imagine* ...haha

Oh, okay...this is not my point of blogging this time but yeah, just have you ever wonder something that you won't even share with your family or girl friend or boy friend or wife or husband?

For another example...
Have you ever wonder how other people's poopoo* looks like? Or have you ever seen them before besides your own's?
Some of you might be if you are a SM player or a hentai, (- -;)...but think majority of you might not have seen it...(tell me that I'm right that normal people are still the majority!)

Okay, back to my point is about blogs are amazing nowadays.

Why am I talking about poos*? is because Yapi found a blog just about poos* and he showed me! (><)

This is the

*poopoo blog*

Picture: Unchi from Dr.Slump

It is in Japanese and SPECIAL WARNING!!! If you are eating or something, finish it up first before you proceed! Don't blame me if you do not!

Take your time...
How was it?

I seiously to be frank, never imagined a blog like that would exist!

Just in case if anyone of you, my readers? (though I guess I don't have any yet..(- -;;) except some of my friends)
See translation below about the blog.

Blog Title: Big-Poo Diary

Blog Intro: I really can't help it when it comes to big poo. Before I've started this blog 2 weeks ago, eventhough I've poo-ed in the morning, I feel like poo-ing again in the afternoon and that made me poo-ed twice continuously in the same day. 1 week after that, my poo came out just like a rabbit's poo!! Dry, small and tiny. This might be one kind of constipation problem. I've never seen other people poo and have been wondering how does other people poo looks like. It might be a reference to other people if I blog with my poo pictures. This blog is not a XXX's site nor a site about some medical experiments.


It was so "Eeeeeeeuuwwwwwww" to me when I fisrt saw it, but now I think it is one of a kind...

How many of millions of bloggers out there will blog about poopoo*?...muahaha


before I continue, please remember that my point of this entry is not about poopoo*. (-w -)

What I want to emphasized was "blogs" are so various and wide that it can be more interesting than TV nowdays. You may even know more from a blog.

And most importantly, the freedom in blogging.

A freedom that you won't find from a TV programme.

You can express your feeling, your maniac thoughts, your hentai lifestyle freely through a blog.

We can simply say, you do what you want on a blog.
You can even be a celebrity through a blog if you are unique enough to attract people attention where you do not need to go through any audition, or a producer to be a star.
You can even broadcast yourself from YouTUBE.

Which means,
Producer : You
Director : You
Script : You
Editor : You
Design : You

Everything : You~

Of course the world has been made easier that if you are not familiar with designs and all, there are always a pre-made software for you to begin your site.

You can even earn just by doing what you like with adverts!
(if you are popular enough of course.)

TV might be a place where you can't reach but at least you are able to step in the first step to broadcast yourself~

I feel like I want to be popular too...?


Firstly, who would resist *money* in the first place. (^^;;;;;

Secondly, seeing pretty cute idols on the magazines or any of the media, I do admit that "I envy them". So, I'd like to see myself look great in pictures as well as in videos.
C'mon, most of the young generation, girls and guys, all doing the same, showing off whatever they have especially photos hopping to get attention from the internet world. It is a chance, a new generation. (^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Gaining attention from the world build your confidence and you'd improve to be better! So why not for the merits.

I started a blog so that I have a space to write.
I wrote when I was bored, and I wrote when I was stressed. Nothing more than that.

But being a new-Gen not to left-behind and leave a big gap with other young dudes and babes, I have broaden my blog perception. Besides writing,

I blog to show-off my pictures. (like anyone of you..hoho)

I blog about Photoshop. Not tutorial but works I did from Photoshop!

And, I'll be putting up videos we made just for fun acting like an amateur TV host.
Our own-home-produced channel :
Halo Konnichiwa (Halokon)

All my video will be mainly in Japanese which I am now comfortable with at the moment, not that I'm saying that I speak very well in Japanese, somewhere in me is embarass to present in English coz all my friends understand English. At least when I speak in Japanese, a non-Japanese will think you speak so fluently, they envy you (Coz they do not understand). While a Japanese will probably think, "Ohhh, sugoine~!nannde?" , literally means " Oooh, you speak so well, why?" (Like when an alien who can speak human language. You'd be surprised...(- -) )

Anyway, yeah I am really comfortable speaking in Japanese now for 1 more reason which is, my camera-man knows only Japanese. (-w-)
I have English subtitle for my video so if you are interested, do have a look. (^-^)

I'll be the person on screen and Yapi will be the person behind-the-scene!

I wanna say thank you to Yapi for always helping me out on html tags and java script proplem.
Thank you for designing my blog too!! (^0^) Love you.

New blog design coming soon. Yay!


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