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About Haruka

Haruka was brought up in a country with multi-racial culture called Malaysia.

She speaks English because she knew English is the most popular language on Earth.

She speaks Cantonese(HongKong) with her family since she was born.

She speaks Chinese-Mandarin with her new-made friends when she moved out from home.

She speaks Malay since primary school where she is needed to.

She speaks Japanese as her first-language now ever since she met her destined love, a new family.

So, that is Haruka and that's me.

I'm ordinary but might not be simple.

I hope to be simple and try to not be ordinary.


I want to be simple and I do not want to be ordinary.

About Harupi
Haruka owns this website.

Harupi was created by Yapi and I during the process of the application for the so-called "The Best Job in the World" offered by Tourism Queensland from the 13 Jan 2009.

We failed to pursue to the 2nd stage.

However, I love to keep and to have this blog site. (abandoning my previous one..)

Now, I blog for 'ATTENTION' about my everyday till I'm old (i hope (-_-)).

Anyway, thank you for dropping by. (^-^)/~


Nigel Abbott said...


Hi Haruka
Love your work, I am the Marketing Director for an International Ski Resort in Japan, we are looking for a good presenter for next winter. Check out the site, our daily reports and other content.
Look interesting?
Contact me....nigel.abbott@harmonyresorts.com

sOoKhUaN said...

gal...i m so proud of u =O)

Anonymous said...

Pier Here...like ur blog very much...keep fighting...^Q^

Anonymous said...


I love your perm. Can you email me one where you did it? Thanks. My email address is jenlsy@gmail.com