Totally obsessed with "The Best Job in the World"


Obviously, "The Best Job in the World" is my latest obsession since the 12th Jan.

Since then we were just busy searching every single thing about the Job.

We plan, plan and plan.

We came out with Plan A, but it just seems so ordinary and normal.
It was just so straight forward telling how adventurous, 
how much you like the outdoors, 
passionate to try new things...

I would also like to say, 

I like snorkel, 
I swim,
I am curious about the sea,
I am passionate to the Nature,
I am adventurous,
and definitely, absolutely would like to try all fun new things and enjoy everything is my destination of life!

But, everyone who is applying has the same thought!
That's why people is applying~

It didn't seem to stand out at all from the crowd of applicants which are getting better and better everyday. 

Since it's an application through a "video", 
thought we should not just speak what we can do, 
but to show it!

Tourism Queensland asked for 
an entertaining,

and answer 2 questions which is:
*why do you think you are the best for this job,
*demonstrate the islands on the Great Barrier Reef!

For that,
we came out with Plan B.

Plan B focus more on my ability of speaking 5 languages!

And so,
my video turns out to be quite international...(^^;;

But, only language is not enough.

A few of my experiences of the outdoors slides may do a lil' magic to show my enthusiasm. (^0^)

Might not have enough contents on my experiences and all but, 
we 're satisfy with it and hope you'll like it. (^-^)

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