The Backstage~

Haruka plays all 5 roles in this VIDEO! \(^0^*)

Directed by:
Haruka, Yasu

Sony Cybershot T10, a compact digital camera.

Natural lighting from outside & aluminium foil paper for the lighting effect.

Sound system:
Indoors   - No mic. Close all the windows, shut down all machines in your room to prevent all possible noise.
Outdoors - Speak as loud as you can~!!! NG for all takes when there are kids shouting, car noise, windy, etc...

Photoshop, Premiere


                                     Haruka  : Haruka

Dressed up formally-cute! (^0^;
Make-up to look great on camera ! 
Twin tail to match the School Uniform~!(but, after watching the video on air, personally think that my hair is not well-set enough...and it looks meesssy....(><) )

Simply just set up the backdrop with "Harupi.com" banner,  fixed the camera on a perfect angle with cellophane tape.


               Grannie : Haruka

Granny usually has no fringe, so pinned it up.
Granny usually has white hairs, so covered it up with a scarf..but i don't have a scarf. But I found a big luncheon mat..so...(^^;
Granny usually wears spec.

Just found the most suitable corner in our whole house is our curtains on the closet. There's an image, that granny likes cloth..
Dim lighting makes it best.

             Pengin : Haruka

Bought this penguin pyjamas from a sell-all-sort-of-things chained shop in Japan, Donki. This shop is just awesome. Anything can just be gotten there!

Thought of having all real penguins as background maybe at a Aquarium Centre?...But we've been there twice for video shooting! Not feeling like going there again, and we ended up at a park nearby for the shoot.
Damn, it was too dark for a shooting at 6pm!
But hey, there was a post lamp! Just great with the darkness! Make full use of the shadows~to cover my face, 
and there I look more like a penguin with my face shadowed.(^0^)/

             Cowboi : Haruka

A cowboy image! First of all, the hat! 
Secondly, the sun-glass!
Then you are now 40% a cowboy-to-be~
We will  just be using my top body for the shoot, 
so it doesn't matter how it looks like down there...kinda weird,huh?....(><)

The same park as when we shooted Pengin.
But on a different day different spot.
This place looks like a ranch on a specific angle.
Just set the camera to keep all concrete objects out of the frame and you get an old country home-ranch-style. 

                                     Yayoi : Haruka

Twin tails definitely look young! Use cute hair accessories to make a 6 years old adorable~(^^*)
Make-up color base : Pink
Well, young girls always have pinkish cheek~

My bed. I happened to have my bed in a nice corner with windows on both walls. 
Just placed some stuffed dolls I got from the game centre and hold one of them made out the whole atmosphere~(^0^*) Moe~moe~kyun*

That's it the backstage of my video~(^0^)
Hope you'll like it~! (^3^)v

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Dominus said...

Hello girl!!! =)
very original your blog!
very nice the video! was that you did everything???... are you actress??? very cool...
I'm not very good at editing of videos, I prefer photos.. hehehe... a little less complicated.
how are things going around the other side of the planet?
sorry, my English is terrible...
i'am Brazilan... go to my blog, say me a hello =)heheheh

from Brazil... Ramon