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News from Tourism Queensland that all potential candidates will be getting an e-mail on Thursday, 26 Feb 2009.

Since then, I'd been clicking my mail inbox every 2~3minutes.

It was anxious.

But a lil' bit expected what the result would be...
that Haruka might not going to be considered as a potential candidate...(^^;


Because, I saw this(the following) in their Official Website FAQ!

What are you looking for in the top 50, what is the selection criteria?

We are looking for 5 key elements from the videos

1. English language proficiency
2. Personal presentation
3. Technical proficiency as shown in the video
4. Content and experience
5. Motivation


English. Yes of course.

Personal presentation. Yes, of course. That is important because you've to present to the whole world about the islands.

Technical proficiency. Yes, because that is what you need too to show it in a attractive way to the world to get attracted with you and the islands.

Content & experience. Well, of course. That is understandable.

Motivation. Yes, that is definitely a basic requirements for all job requirements.


But hey, what about the 2 requirements that was stated earlier ???

What should my application/video include?

Briefly explain why you're the best person for the job and demonstrate your knowledge of the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef. Most importantly, create an entertaining video.

I mainly work based on these requirements and the criteria Tourism Queensland is going to look at to short-list the top 50 are no where to be seen anymore...

Well, we can see that our video is just not contented enough on the experience and we are totally
regret about it..(-.-;)

Of course, on Monday, meeting the 5 points of criteria is a must! But if i see someone's videos which is normal, not funny and never demonstrate anything about the Islands who are selected to be the top 50, I'll just can't help myself to think that professionals in Tourism Queensland are just not professional~! 

My mate and I is satisfy with our video but at the same time we also think that it is not the best for the Best Job in the World offered by Tourism Queensland. (^^;)

We had fun on making the video throughout these 2 weeks and we've learned a lot as well~

Harupi.com will remain~!

Harupi.com instead WILL become our Best Job in the WORLD~!

Hohoho~!!! (*^0^*)/

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