Tall x Short x Slim x Fat

Today's a "swimming-at-the-pool" day! (^-^)

I'm starting to feel fat and heavy lately that I've not been moving a muscle since I was back to Tokyo in May. Everyday ends by just sitting in front of the computer, surfing, playing online games, searching for jobs, facebook-ing, Youtube-ing, etc...(-_-)

And I heard that sitting on the chair all day long resulting a big fat bum!! (>.<) ...

I was born not slim and I think I've inherited "big bum" genes from my family...(><) okay, maybe it is not a big bum after all but my pelvis is!

Not from my mom, not from my dad, but my aunties...(><)(><)(><)
(hate it when those aunties says, "big pelvis is good for easier pregnancy. No worries for more babies!" (hou-sang-yong) (>.<)

Maybe it is still not so bad, coz I've got "height genes" from my grandpa which makes me look vertically big rather than horizontally big...

People always got the wrong idea by saying,

"Hey, I ENVY your height. You won't at least look FAT even if you've gained some weight!"

NOOOO !!! That is sooooooo wrong!

Tall people actually look HUGE if they're not slim, extra slim!

Oh sure, tall people will not look round when they got fat but being "HUGE" is no way at least bit of merit to a girl as well !!! (><)

No guys (the majority) would prefer a huge girlfriend or even a girl taller than them. (coz guys are egoistic)

And, I believe that girls on the other hand, like to be smaller to feel cute and being pampered.

One more thing is that, we have no choice. The media has made taller guys with shorter girls look fantastic as couple and the world who are constantly brain-washed by the media think 'that' is "perfect".

They are perfect and indeed an IDEAL couple generally.


(before I continue, I wanna say...)

there are always exceptions.

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes
Aren't they a perfect 'guy short girl tall' couple? (^-^)

Isn't it cute, although Tom Cruise had to dip Katie in order to reach her lips. (*^-^*)


I'm as well the exception too.

I am taller and bigger than my Yapi.
Not sure whether they were just some honeyed talk or they meant real, a lot says that we are matchy*. (^-^*) even so.

I love US !

Though the exception is still the exception.

The majority is still,

"I want my boyfriend to be taller than me." (-_-)

"I want my girlfriend to be shorter than me." (-_-)

Typical. But I understand. haha

(...back to the 'fat' story...)


I don't know how should I say it, but being tall makes your 'fat' not visible is so untrue!

Being fat makes it worst if you are TALL. (><)

So, this is the conclusion,

Short and being fat = look ROUND = people hate it

same goes to

Tall and being fat = look HUGE = people hate it

I knew it coz I am tall and used to be quite fat. Not the round fat's FAT but the huge type FAT.


Tall people will only look nice when they are super slim!

Where as, not all tall people are able to carry out the gorgeousness of 'TALL'.

Tall people tend to have slight hunching-back. Why?

Because they need to bend their neck down to talk to shorter people,


because they always tend to bend down when taking pictures so that they won't look giant among the others.

Only those who has a great slim body has the confidence and stand straight up no matter how short other people around them.

I admit that being tall is an advantage for being a beauty. But, less than 5 out of 100 girls have the blessed figure. And the blessed one are the celebrities~

90 out 100 girls go on diet in their whole life to look great no matter you are born short or tall.

So, conclusion of the conclusion is,

People should stop making excuse by saying, " I want your height so that I won't look fat even if I'm fat."

Short girls tall girls, all have their own problem when they are FAT!

Just don't be FAT.

I've lost 10kg after an intensive but healthy diet.

I can see from the pictures I've taken that I don't look as huge anymore. (^-^)

Quite satisfied with the result, but I don't know why couldn't I get rid of my bloated tummy!!!!!!


Now I envy them...

to have flat of flat tummy...

You might think,
Hey c'mon, they are the idols. Of course they need to have this perfect body for the job.
Nevertheless, the pics above might be photoshop-ed, since they are the cover of the media.

Yes sure of coz, photoshop is being used! Coz they need to edit the picture to be presentable.

But you have to know,

Japanese girls, street commoners, even the fat ones have flat tummy!

Even if they are chubby, they're always just look chubby on the upper part of their body or their legs, but most of them still have a flat TUMMY!!! Why??? (-_-;;)

Some 'chubby-ness' on her arms and face.


Some chubby-ness on her thigh, arms, face.


Not fat not chubby but a lil' rounded.
Round face, cute figure.

And, she has FLAT TUMMY!

They are not a talent, not an idol, not a celebrity.

They are just common cosplayer. <- for those who do not know. (^-^)

I believe there were no edits done to those pics and they have FLAT TUMMY! (-_-)

I guess I know why they have flat tummy.

It is because they walk soooooo much.

Most of them do not owned a car because their country provides them the best and convenient public transportation around town. So they walk to the station most of the time.

They have a nice nice weather to walk from one place to another.

They are safe to walk even at midnight.

Their culture is WALK, since young!

That's why most of them do not develop fatty tummy.

...Malaysian girls should walk more...(-_-)

I should too..

Moreover, Japanese have a very healthy diet . Not really that healthy for the new generation as to compare with the old generation, but they still top among other countries.

I've tried to change my diet, exercise more, but my tummy just never seems wanna leave me alone...(-__-;)



Unknown said...

I like being a little taller. Short people has their disadvantage too.
Well , i guess people wouldnt satisfy with wat they have. =)

On the other hand, to get a flat tummy, i think you shud do 'sit up.' i think it will help.. and of course don sit so much. You stand up or have a walk every hour or so..

Haruka said...

Hi Patricia,

I did sit up when I was dieting, n I know there was a lil help. But I guess my tummy has developed since I was a kid tht it just seems so hard to make it gone to the ideal stage...(-_-)