Let's Go to the ZOO ♪ GODZILLA's there!!!

I still haven't go for GUNDAM!!! (><) Coz of rain...and laziness... (><;)

But oh well,
I dunno whether I'll be still going for Gundam but I'm kinda have lost the earnest to go anymore... (-_-)

You know what, I've gone to see...

MONKEYS who think human are nut!

GODZILLA and the gozilla babies!!

SPIDER the ruler!!!

The KING of birds!!!!

The CUTE and Eeuuww palm-civet!!!!

An ENORMOUS tortoise!!!!!

at the ZOO instead!!!!!!

Ah ha!

Bet nobody has seen those animals the way I see them in a Zoo! hahaha

But I do think different individual has different perception towards anything.

I must say, ZOO can be fun and it is totally not only just for kids or photographer!

Pictures time of the FUN! (^-^) !!!

Ooh, do let me express my '#@ !*?!#! @' feeling before the fun!

I actually got a cheaper ticket 400yen (normal ticket 600yen) from a ticketing store and have planned to go to the Zoo on Monday instead of the weekend to avoid the crowd.

So, we were happily preparing ourselves to wake up very early in the morning (where we usually don't sleep until it is morning), 45 mins journey train and walk all the way to the Zoo and...

it has to be CLOSED on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought Zoo doesn't have HOLIDAYS!!! I thought they are open every single day! (*-*)

Wasted my sleeping time, wasted my make-ups, wasted my money, wasted my energy, wasted my morning!!!

My 400yen ticket was valid until the next day but we had an appointment to go!

Ticket WASTED too!


Ok, enough buubuu-ing! Gonna start the FUN with pictures!! \(*^0^*)/

First of all, FASHION CHECK of the day! (^0^)/


Very casual, very bright, very cute-sporting, color very matchy!

Just great for summer!

Everything kinda cheap but sorry...not really that extra cheap. (- -;

The shirt is cheap for Tokyo price but kinda expensive for Malaysia price...

The sneakers are cute*
Wear super short socks or a tight long socks to make the shoes more in focus*.
Yeah, wear something with not much volume to your lower part body so that you can emphasize more on the shoes!

Like me, shorts or mini-skirts. (^-^)

POP n' Cute*

This actually makes your style looks like an anime character too~! (^0^*)

Just like these~! v

Continue with pictures.

A gift from Thailand government to the Zoo.
It was just there for decoration.

The interior.
So gorgeous with gold and diamonds!

*2 shot* with a monkey...

If monkeys do think, they'd probably been thinking that human who see them through the bars or glasses are nut*.

You probably think that they're sad lil' poor thing, imprisoned by selfish human just for the sake of so-called human entertainment.

But think!

Although they're behind the bars,
they are free from lions/tigers attack, they do not need to worry about hunger anymore for they got fed everyday.

Moreover, they'd probably enjoy more where they could see free-show from human.

Who's the fool?
Human gives out their best to protect them, human provides them comfort, human pays to see them, human makes funny faces in order to attract them!! where they can just live happily eventhough behind the bars...

Ice-cream after lunch! This ice-cream was awesome!
Soft, creamy, milky! Great quality!
Probably nicer than Haagen Daz!!!

Yapi and Haruka
Precious shot* v

Hey hey HEY!

Here comes the best corner!

Get ready!

& GODZILLA BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
& GODZILLA EGGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Signboard :

'シギダチョウ ゴジラが卵をうまれました'


'Tinamou's Godzilla's eggs'

Cool babies


Spider webs...
This shouldn't be underestimated...

Spider rules one day...

My ranking for birds in the Zoo.

The fairest bird - The White Bird (forgot the name)


The coolest bird - The Cock

The Cock RULES too!

He never leaves his chrone.

He stays up there all day long observing.

He has really long tails which are so precious that they shouldn't touch the filthy ground.

Without touching the ground, his tails will grow and grow and grow and grow and grow...

He is special and that makes him the King*.

Cute & Eeuuwww Palm Civet
Should wear pants. Then he'll be cuter!

Giant Tortoise
I love this shot. It makes me look so small like I'm in a Giant World!

Snack time - Katsudon

2nd ice-cream
This one was a cheaper ice-cream. Not soft, not creamy, not milky.(><)

Some posing shots in the Zoo

Goat in the Kid's Zoo Corner

Egg hatching Watch (Kid's Zoo)

Love this shot coz my hairs look healthy shiny (^0^*)

By the water lily pond

Love it!

A song from Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) TV commercial when I was young !
Stuck in my head till now!
Malaysian my age should know it pretty good! (^O^)

P/S: If you noticed, my hair was different towards the end coz my hair rubber band broke off! (-_-) Hate it! Will NOT buy cheap hair band EVER!!!

New video!

Harupi #2 - Ueno Zoo
from Harupi's Channel

So, Let's go to the Zoo~!


Siew Kheng said...

A little correction to the lyrics at the end...
It should be "and the food is finger licking good.."

Haruka said...

I copied from the net actually...
Surely it shouldn't be an 'a' there..(^^; Thanks

Haruka said...

Done correction!